The Letter


The Letter


She-Ra, The RV of The Artful Blogger



Dear Friends, Fans, and Followers;


Writing may come easy to me, but writing this letter to you is not coming easy at all. It has been my goal over the last 20 years that I not only support myself, but that I also have enough extra money to support you in your time of need. Spontaneous generosity is among the greatest joys of my lifetime and I have happily donated to more crowd-funded, and private, needs than I can even remember. In fact, I try NOT to remember, but just to do. I have never asked, expected, or wanted anything in return because the happiness, for me, is in the unconditional giving. It is, therefore, very difficult for me to ask you to consider donating to my cause.


As many of you know, and the rest of you are about to be surprised to learn, I have recently leased my house to a friend and moved in to a 24' RV that I bought this summer. The plan was to reduce the drain on my annual budget and build a following with my writing that would support me. I had expected certain costs related to bringing the motor home's various systems into dependable and safe condition. I've been able to seal the roof, replace the unsafe ladder, install a solar cell and inverter, and replace the furnace.


I had not planned, financially or emotionally, on replacing the engine.


I'm spending $500 more on the engine than I spent to buy the motor home. This long-block is eating up two-thirds of my annual budget.


This brings me to crowd. If most of my Facebook friends contributed $10 to my crowd-funded cause of helping to defray the cost of replacing my engine, you could pay for more than a third of the total bill. The $3500 goal I have set is less than half of the full cost of the repairs. After careful research, care, and consideration, I have chosen the web site Kapipal to run my crowd fund campaign. I've decided to work with Kapipal because they don't charge me, or you, for the campaign. I will receive 100% of your donation towards my cause. Another plus is that they use PayPal to collect and transfer funds. That means you don't have to have a PayPal account to contribute to my cause. You can use PayPal's secure network to donate via credit card. Of course, if you do have a PayPal account, you have more options.


I appreciate your help, thoughts, prayers, and love more than I can adequately articulate. If you do decide to contribute, you can find my crowd-page at Who knows, maybe the new engine will mean I can travel to where you are and stop in to say "hi"!


Love ya bye,



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