Shauna Gilbert, Colorado, USA


Shauna Gilbert, Colorado, USA



I Do Fundraising!


How It Works


  1. I agree to build you a free web page (like this one, but in your style) and free e-store, like this one. This page is an exact, functioning example of how we can work together to make your fundraising campaign successful.

  2. You send me your logo...

    Example Image 002
  3. I can build your pages and create your products, like...



    Your Logo On A Shirt


    Key Rings


    Your Logo On A Key Ring




    Your Logo On A Hat


    (Click a product link to see how the store and shopping cart work.)

    ...or a myriad of other products.

  4. You agree to use my referral number in all external links pointing to your e-store. If you do this I will get paid a referral fee for all costs your fundraising campaign nothing.

    Referal Example

  5. You sell items from shirts to key rings to bumpers stickers and more with your logo on them and keep 100% of the commissions for your cause.


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